5 Steps To Selling More Guitars

Considering many of my customers are guitarists, this may help some of you. 
In these uncertain times, some of you may need to part with some of your gear in order to make rent, put food on your table etc. I’ve worked in every type of guitar store you can imagine and these fundamentals are what separate a store that sells A LOT of guitars from a store that is about to go out of business. 

Here are my top 5 tips for selling used instruments online. This isn’t just for guitars. It’s applicable to ANY instrument.

1. Photos can sell or unsell an instrument. Most people don’t need to try before they buy, but they want to see/know what they’re getting. Be creative, but always provide the best quality photos you can for whatever you’re selling. People also like videos of the item being played.

2. Be EXPLICIT in your description. Does it have wear? Does it have damage? Has anything been changed? Anything that may cause someone not to buy an instrument must be documented. Your reputation is EVERYTHING. Beyond that, people want full list of specs (Weight is a biggie in the world of guitars)

3. Make it easy for people to buy. Offer a reasonable return policy. If you’re explicit in your ad and there is no surprises for the buyer, then there will be no need for them to return the item.

4. Pack your items extremely WELL. If you think you’re overdoing it, you’re probably not doing enough. There are many great online resources to check out, but feel free to dm me for advice.

5. Follow up. Make sure your customer is FULLY satisfied with their purchase. A little effort goes a long way and people appreciate it. 

If any of you have further questions about buying/selling stuff online feel free to dm me anytime! Please share if you think this can help anyone you know.